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Are you feeling under the weather? Are you looking to improve your physical and/or mental health? Are you looking for a collaborative relationship with a health care provider, to meet your health care goals? At Atlantic House Calls, our dedicated health care team is ready to step in, offering cultrually compassionate, trauma informed health care tailored to your specific needs.


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At Atlantic House Calls, we provide comprehensive health care services via a secure virtual platform. Our health care team employs a personalized approach, ensuring you receive the care you deserve. By choosing us, you're not just getting healthcare; you will be meeting a team dedicated to your health and wellbeing.


Meet Our Dedicated Owners: Angela McGraw DNP, NP

With over 23 years of experience and a focus on client centered, compassionate care, Angela brings her health care expertise to her clients, in various areas, including women's health, including perimenopause/menopause care and hormone replacement therapy; providing/implementing trauma informed care; mental health care including diagnosing and treating anxiety, depression, PTSD and PMDD; chronic disease mangement and weight loss.

Mark McGraw BBA, BCompSc

Mark began his dive into healthcare by being a part of a development team building concept EMRs in the early 2000s. It had a huge personal impact on him.  Since that time, Mark has always been in search of initiatives that will help people directly.  Together with his wife Angela, in 2017 the decision was made to launch this patient centric business, synergizing patient care with a proper strategic approach.  The outcome of this collaboration has been a business that has successfully expanded to include many different services for many patients in multiple areas in NB, NS, and Ontario.

Where Angela’s role is the medical practitioner, Marks role is the business strategy and technology mind supporting the company vision. With positive patient centric outcomes as his mission statement, he works in collaboration with Angela and other partner practicioners to develop techniques, software and processes with a clear focus on removal of barriers to patient care.  Marks focus includes supporting partner practicioners as an ongoing effort so they can maintain focus on collaborating and focusing on each patients care and positive outcomes instead of administration work. 

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Book an appointment, based on your heath care needs.

Book an appointment, based on your heath care needs.

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Get personalized treatment options.

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Start Feeling Amazing!

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